3D digital microscope Hirox

3D digital microscope HIROX

The latest innovation in 3D digital microscopy

The HRX-01 is the result of over 40 years of experience in the field of microscopy

Fully motorized, programmable and modular

The microscope is made up of numerous and independent elements (stands, optics, adapters, filters, software modules…) that are interchangeable and modular according to specific needs. Fully motorized and programmable, it allows the use of manual, automatic, wheeled, arm, robotic and large (> 500x500mm) stands, which can be developed according to specific needs. Finally, the manual use allows you to inspect large samples with maximum flexibility.

Nano Point Scanner – Chromatic confocal profilometer

The NPS is a confocal white light sensor that can be attached to the Hirox digital microscope to combine metrology and microscopy and allows the measurement of subchronic profiles and maps without contact on any type of surface (mirror, shiny, reflective, rough, opaque or transparent) . This white light chromatic confocal technology is ISO 25178-602 certified for roughness measurements.

Motorized rotating optic

It is equipped with an inclined vision deviator (with fixed and / or variable angle) that rotates 360 ° on the optical axis allowing the observation of the samples from all directions without the need to move them. Patented by Hirox, it is developed to obtain three-dimensional images of great depth of micro-macro structures on the walls of components with complex geometry and in areas normally inaccessible with other inspection technologies.

HRX-01 Stand

HRX-01 allows high flexibility of integration with other measuring instruments (eg thickness gauge, confocal sensor, spectrometers, etc.) and with a wide range of “custom” supports for use in any scientific and technological field.

a revolutionary “concept” of universal 3D microscopy

  • VIS / UV epi-diascopic illumination and high resolution imaging with publication quality
  • Automatic stands for programmed micro-scanning of large surfaces and for use as an upright and / or inverted microscope for all biological and industrial observation methods
  • Detachable body from the stand to inspect objects of any nature, shape and size
  • Telecentric, motorized, coded and interchangeable zoom lenses with magnetic quick coupling / Magnification range from 1: 1 to 10,000X!
  • Instrumental expansion with MPS chromatic confocal sensor & nbsp; for automatic 3D measurements with 20 nm resolution

With a large number of optional stands, the widest magnification range in the world, unmatched working distances, wide field of view and ultra-high resolution scanning of large surfaces, the latest HRX01 is the most versatile instrument in the world. for observation, micro-scanning and 3D data acquisition of surfaces in any case oriented, image analysis and comparison, particle counting, morphological and geometric characterization, reverse engineering and micro prototyping.

New telecentric lenses with large aperture and long working distance offer distortion-free images for very precise measurements in a magnification range from 1: 1 to 10,000 x! with very high resolution and incomparable sharpness.

The zoom lenses are fully motorized, encoded and interchangeable with magnetic quick attach lenses for easy use, greater precision and a high level of work automation.

A wide range of optional stands and manual and automatic sliding tables and the possibility of detaching the body of the microscope from the stand allow the use of the microscope for an innumerable series of diversified industrial and / or biological applications, both in the laboratory and "in Yes you".

The control unit that can be interfaced with an external PC allows continuous hardware and software expandability of the system. All acquisition, analysis, measurement and processing functions are fully automatable.

New motorized lenses

The ultra high resolution telecentric motorized zoom lens provides high precision 3D reconstruction even at low magnification without distortion.

A completely redesigned application platform

New 4K software interface
The new flexible interface takes advantage of the 4K displays commonly available now on standard PCs. All controls and options are easily arranged making the software intuitive and easy to use while maintaining sharp full-width images.
Multi Focus
This standard feature instantly creates a fully focused image even for objects with large height differences. Anyone can easily perform this extended observation without being limited by depth of field.

Mosaic and 3D map

Simply select the area of interest to automatically stitch images in real time with the motorized XYZ stage, creating stunning high resolution images with a wide field of view. With the “map” function, the tiled image is displayed on the screen, so you just need to click on the map to bring the stage to the clicked position.

Automatic 2D measurement

Accurate and calibrated measurements in real time, including automatic length, area, angle, diameter and surface. The combination of coded optics and powerful software eliminates any human error by automatically selecting and displaying the correct lens, adapter and scale on the screen at any time.

Easy 3D measurement

Just adjust the profile filter to view and measure any details on the 3D object – the created profile is like a virtual cross section that allows precise measurements. Using the profile measurement function, it is very easy to measure height, volume, roughness, angle or radius, for example by simply “drawing” a circle with 3 points.

Particle analyzer

Particles are automatically detected with pass / fail judgment (ISO16232 Compliant). Advanced statistical data with histogram and frequency distribution are automatically calculated and displayed in Excel. It is very easy to measure the shape of each particle and distinguish between dust from fibers or metal particles.

High precision all.in-one support

Hirox has created a completely new tilt stand with multiple sensors integrated with high precision 80mm motorized Z axis. Multiple XY stage options: from 50x50mm up to 1000x1000mm for automatic XYZ capture, including extra large 3D stitching!


Zoom Optics Telecentric

The new concept of telecentric and encoded motorized zoom lenses is the result of over 40 years of excellence in optical manufacturing and engineering. The new HIROX HRX-01 3D digital microscope offers contact and non-contact optics with variable angle of incidence illumination for the inspection of multi-layered surfaces and / or with inhomogeneous transmittance and diffused light illumination for highly reflective subjects. In addition to automatically recognizing the magnification value of the lens zoom, HIROX also supports automatic recognition of adapter resizing information. The main unit recognizes information on the lens even when a high-magnification adapter or a low-magnification adapter is attached or detached, without the need to select an adapter. In addition, the adapter connection has been changed to a type of magnet, so it can be easily connected and detached.

High precision measurement
with telecentric lens

HR-2500 (E) / HR-5000 (E)
Microscope body with revolver optics

HR-2016 (E)
Compatible microscope body
with rotating optics

Medium range zoom lens with large depth of field and long working distance

HR-10C (E)
High-range optical zoom lens with six interchangeable lenses

Manual lenses

The new zoom lenses are also available in non-motorized versions (except HR-1020E)

Special stand and lighting intelligent

Motorized free angle support with XYZ axis

Hirox has created a completely new tilt stand with multiple built-in sensors and a high-precision 80mm motorized Z-movement, providing the highest level of accuracy for various applications.

The XY stage can be motorized (50x50mm or 100x100mm) for automatic or manual XYZ acquisition. The stand includes the integration of built-in transmitted illumination, controlled by the HRX-01 software, increasing observation capabilities, as well as anti-vibration feet for better stability.

Thanks to various sensors, including height and angle, the ST-AS stand truly supports users, offering intelligent and stress-free observation.

For maximum ease of use, all 4 axes (XYZR) can be controlled with the wireless 3D mouse controller.

A new standard in microscopy and surface metrology

HIROX invented the videomicroscope in 1980 and is famous all over the world for its great versatility of use for medicine, science and industry, thanks to the high quality of the images and the extensive possibility of solving complex industrial and scientific applications. .

In the numerous subsequent releases produced to date, HIROX has constantly adopted new HW / SW devices in step with the technological evolution of digital cameras, lighting devices, PP motors and encoders. Today the HIROX 3D digital microscope is no longer just a microscope but has become an OPTICAL 3D SCANNER, an ideal tool for micro-scanning of surfaces and for carrying out topographic mapping, 3D measurements and reverse engineering for use in any field. of science and technology, overcoming the limits of traditional microscopes (stereoscopic, metallographic, biological, confocal, etc.) and in the family of scanners it is the highest resolution non-contact scanner on the international market compared to traditional laser scanners and structured light …).

Hirox is also often used as an alternative to the electron microscope thanks to its incredible depth of field, the three-dimensionality of the acquired images and its versatility thanks to a wide range of stands and wide-field optics that are optimal for both biology research. that in materials sciences, geology, archaeometry and for failure analysis in micro mechanics and microelectronics, as a tool for comparative analysis in forensic science and in diagnostics and digital cataloging of works of art for restoration, we offer a wide range of systems , from microscopes for training and routine operations to advanced imaging systems used to solve some of the most complex industrial and scientific applications.