The new 3D Digital Microscope Hirox RH-2000 is the highest resolution and highest magnifications 3d digital microscope existing in the world.

Extremely modular and versatile able to reach up to 10.000x magnifications, no samples size limits , new patented motorized rotary lens for all-round failure analysis, 2d and 3d surface texture, profiling and roughness measurements.

New Hirox RH-2000

New 3D Full HD Digital Microscope

Freedom to choose Fast PC, Full HD Touch Screen, Windows 7,8 or 10, desktop or laptop, via an ultra fast and universal USB3 connection up to 5Gb/s. The obsolescence is therefore limited, and offers endless future updates!

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

With this new 3D Digital Microscope it is possibile to save time by quickly transferring image With 1 click, the HDR function creates an image with the perfect exposition by combining many levels of light intensity in a single image: all information in the highlights and the dark areas are captured without any difficulty.

Up to 100 frames/s

Hirox’s CMOS camera to capture up to 50 fps with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1920×1200 pixel.

This provides a great on-screen performance and live image operation is as smooth as the naked eye and frame rate can be increased up to 100 fps in the Binning mode.

New High performance Stands Hirox

A high performance lens requires a high performance stand in 3D Digital Microscopy to show its’ power while being operated. It is the stand that connects the lens to the operator’s hand, meaning that the stand must have a high level of precision and be easy to use.
Combine this stand with the optional Electronic Focus Block (0.05µm/pulse) for 3D observation and height measurements.

The Hirox RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope Free Angle Stand was designed for weight stability and balance. The 32mm diameter vertical post, allows inclination observation up to 3500x magnification. Also, with the motorized Z-axis it can create accurate 3D images and profiles.

Combining the ability of allowing the lens multiple angles and creatition of 3D images at any of these angles up to 3500x magnification make this stand Hirox’s most versatile stand and perhaps the most versatile stand in the industry.

New Hirox Lens

Handheld Capable Zoom Lens

Low-Range High Performance Zoom Lens [20x to 160x]

This zoom lens has a high performance compact body. It can be handheld and accommodate numerous applications by attaching various adapters.

All lenses include high-performance zoom incorporated technologies, as well as high-grade built in illumination, and precision mechanism designs, crafted with pride by the lens manufacturer, 3D Digital Microscope Hirox RH-2000.

The high-performance zoom lens has a compact body, provides a high resolution image, and offers a large optical depth-of-field with the ability to utilize an even larger digital depth-of-field.

The lens can be handheld and accommodates numerous applications for 3D Digital Microscopy through the attachment of 13 various adapters covering a magnification range of 6x-320x.

Fastest way to create 3D Model

Smoother, and more accurate scanning with 0.05μm/pulse precision

3D Display

3D model information can be displayed as original color, pseudo, or as a wireframe, maximizing the amount of information that can be taken from a 3D model. Original and pseudo color can be mixed on the 3D model.

Angle/radius in 3D

Using the pro le measurement function, it’s very simple to measure any radius on a 3D object by simply “drawing” a circle with 3 points or any angle by selecting 2 lines crossing each other.


Simply adjust the slicer to visualize and measure any details on the 3D object: the pro le created is like a vir tual ver tical cross section allowing precise measurements.

Volume and area

Volume and area can also be measured on the 3D object by adjusting the horizontal cross section and clicking on the area of interest.

Real-Time 3D Tiling

By allowing to continuously stack the depth of filed and the focus with the freedom to move horizontally, the user can create a 3D model with a field of view as if it were captured with a low magnification lens.

Roughness (Ra, Rz, Rzjis)

The powerful 3D software enables accurate line roughness measurement Ra and Rz (ISO4287:1997) and is compatible with optional surface roughness measurements (Sa, Sq, and many more).

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