3D Laser Point Probe

3D Laser Point Probe


Scan Autofocus (Scan AF) function offers large measuring area in high speed! Scan AF function which provides 50 times faster measuring speed than Mitaka conventional measuring speed and the high precision XY scanning stage offer a large measuring area of several tens of millimeters down to the sub micrometer level. PF-60 is perfect for warpage measurement of precision processing parts, molding defects, wear volume and scratch of quantitative evaluations in tribology.


Mitaka has achieved to make the original laser probe unit smaller than that of NH Series.

Combination of the high-precision 5-axis and XY stage provide sub-µm level of profile measurements of various samples. MLP-3 is a standard model with the high-speed θ stage and the AF function. Having 3D measuring and evaluation functions, it measures contour / surface topography of all kinds of parts without destruction.


  • Large measuring area high resolution
    (measuring range: less than φ80mm, resolution: axial direction 0.001µm, circumferential direction: 0.01µm)
  • 3D measurement
  • Contour measurement (polygons, profiles, roughness)
  • Image capture
  • Contour / size evaluation
  • Surface roughness evaluation
  • Gear profile measurements / evaluation
  • Evaluation of cutting edge of tools
  • Roundness evaluation