About Us

Scientific instrumentation and multisectoral technological innovation

Sharedlabs is a company devoted to technological innovation in very diversified sectors.
Participants and protagonists of the digital revolution, for decades we have been the driving force and active part of shared laboratories with important international partners such as universities, research centers and leading companies in the production of scientific instruments. We are engaged in multidisciplinary research and experimentation for the integration of industrial and electro-medical equipment for the analysis and exchange of images, data and signals between remote locations (ICT / IOT) in diversified and heterogeneous application fields in every area of society: industry, medicine, biology, restoration of the artistic heritage, forensic science etc (4.0).

Benchmarking and applied technologies.

The training experience gained with daily benchmarking in the most varied sectors of industry, medicine and research has allowed us to acquire adequate know-how to incorporate the increasingly stringent needs of our customers. We share the best solutions for different applications on a daily basis with our partners, developing new technologies through specific customization of latest generation instrumentation and design of innovative systems with unique performances.

We study solutions through the integration of multidisciplinary skills and we create
innovative systems in every scientific field for both industrial and health applications.