A new concept of Telemedicine

Point Of Care Testing wherever you are, fast and reliable.

Hematological / biochemical innovation

Revolution of mobile radiography

Everywhere, immediate medical diagnoses

Cloud Self – measurements

Latest generation in situ diagnostics for healthcare professionals

Telemedicine mobile station

Transportable suitcase with teleconference camera and medical equipment for monitoring vital signs.

  • Centralized data on Tablet with Cloud system

  • Satellite connection (optional)

Ematology Analazyer

Innovative and revolutionary. Can be used in any facility and application where high quality CBC results are desired.

  • Accurate results in 1 minute

  • Portable. Built-in battery (optional)

Biochemical Analyzer

Dry biochemical analysis system that complements conventional biochemistry, immunoassays and electrolyte tests.

  • Analysis in minutes

  • Small and portable

Portable radiographie system

Hi-Tech system for mobile radiological examinations. Hospitals, civil and military camps, civil protection, ambulance, home exams.

  • Fast and reliable

  • Complete with software

Cloud self -measurements

Self-measurement device, visualization on android and cloud data communication for remote assistance.

  • Complete check-up of 6 key measurements

  • Ultra portable with Cloud system

Clinical Cloud

Platform for viewing and notifications of medical data acquired with Homepoct device.

  • Personalized management of digital medical records

  • Sharing with other platforms

Telemedicine station

The Telemedicine Station is specifically designed to allow the acquisition and transmission of vital data of a patient distant from a hospital facility. Vital data is centralized on a Tablet PC via software and securely transmitted and stored in the Cloud.

Components: Vertical POS monitor, ECG, Sphygmomanometer, Thermometer, Glucometer, Pulse oximeter. Spirometer, Dermatoscope, Interdental Chamber.


Fulse Oximeter

Blood pressure






Oral camera


Touchscreen tablet

Ematology Analyzer 

Analysis in minutes.
Complete blood cell count (CBC) with human blood, collected in standard EDTA collection tubes (Vacutainer type) or with micro sampling tubes. Accurate results with regular collection tubes and micro-sampling with only 20 μl of blood required and results in less than 1 minute.


Easy to use



Biochemestry Analyzer

The SD1 Automated Analyzer is a dry biochemical analysis system that complements conventional biochemistry, immunoassay and electrolyte testing.
It is mainly used for emergency diagnostic tests and interventions in the field and in small laboratories or doctors’ offices.

Quick and easy

Small and portable


Versatile and performing

Portable radiographic system

HI-TECH system for home radiological examinations.


The Digital X.Ray – DGITAL HF system represents the best solution in terms of practicality, comfort and efficiency and is able to adapt to all solutions in an excellent way.

Civilian and military field hospitals

Home exams

Civil protection


Homepoct self-measurement device

Simplified remote assistance. 
Homepoct was created to make life easier and healthier by creating intelligent telemedicine devices. Leverage key resources in research and development to produce multifunctional and more advanced medical and telecare solutions.

The health monitor measures 6 vital health data: blood pressure,   heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, glyucose and   ECG.

Blod pressure

Heart rate




Glucose in the blood

Telemedicine for all circumstances

Our equipment makes remote diagnostics possible anytime, anywhere: isolated populations, on-site employees, and communications between healthcare professionals.