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Infrared Applications: ThermoSense XXXIX best paper awards.

Anaheim, California, USA (9 – 13 April 2017) We are pleased to announce the award of the SPIE Thermosense prize to the Politecnico di Bari research group led by Prof. Umberto Galietti. The prestigious acknowledgment was delivered to Ing. Rosa De Finis, Ph.D. at the DMMM - Department of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management, who has well presented the paper titled: "Energetic approach based on IRT to assess plastic behavior in CT specimens". "Thermosense" is the award for best paper for the subject of infrared thermal applications. The work presented by Ing. De Finis is concerned with "the IRT-based energy approach for the evaluation of plastic behavior in CT samples" (10214-26). It is based on the application of energy methods for estimating the energy of the plastic area in order to locate the peak of the crack. This method is an optimal tool for estimating and monitoring damage to real components.
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