About Us

Supplier of Multisectorial Scientific Instruments - Hirox Exclusive Supplier for the UK

For more than 40 years in Europe with our sister company Simitecno and for 10 years in the UK our Shared Labs group has been providing solutions of the latest and new advanced technologies to help the research and development, quality control, metrology, investigative analyses, imaging, 3D scans, materials testing in the aerospace, automotive, forensic, industrial, university, pharmaceutical, restoration, archaeological, biological, medical, chemical, life science, engineering and many other sectors…

Shared Labs thanks to the partnerships with Universities and Research Centers and thanks to the strong decades-long relationships with Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments is able to provide solutions with advanced technological instruments to large Industrial and University realities in the UK and worldwide.

Benchmarking and applied technologies.

The training experience gained with daily benchmarking in the most varied sectors of industry, medicine, research, has allowed us to acquire an adequate know-how to incorporate the increasingly stringent needs of our customers. We share with our partners the best solutions for different applications on a daily basis, developing new technologies through specific customization of the latest generation instruments, designing innovative systems with unique performances.

We study solutions through the integration of multidisciplinary skills and we create
innovative systems in every scientific field for both industrial and health applications.